Colby Creative

Not in My Lifetime: GLBT Elders on Marriage
Filmmakers Pam and Joah Colby plan to gather, document and disseminate the stories of elder GLBT Minnesotans, specifically in light of the recent passage of local and federal marriage equality laws. We are creating this documentary to share the stories and images of those who lived through much more oppressive times and have survived to celebrate marriage equality.

The fast pace of these progressive changes in laws and attitudes can be bittersweet.  When cracks open in our collective psyche and change comes rapidly, memories of past oppression surface. This moment is an important time to document and to preserve history.  Moreover, publicizing this history will help people know that legalizing gay marriage was the right decision and could contribute to putting this painful debate to rest.

Our final product will be a 58-minute documentary.  Visuals will include archival photos, film and video from our participants, as well as representational reenactments when necessary. We hope to hook young viewers with moving images, photos and music.  Gay culture, like our dominant culture, idealizes youthful looks and beauty.   Many young people have little opportunity to interact with their senior counterparts, to learn the wisdom that comes with aging, and to appreciate the past.
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